Maria Golubkina scolded her husband Ksenia Sobchak and refused to undress at her performances.

Date: March 17, 2023 Time: 02:12:50

Maria Golubkina

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Maria Golubkina in a frank interview revealed the truth not only about her divorce from Nikolai Fomenko. The actress suddenly scolded her husband Ksenia Sobchak. She said that she would never play in the performances of Konstantin Bogomolov.

Maria Golubkina criticized her husband Ksenia Sobchak. The artist flatly refused to go on stage naked at the performances of Konstantin Bogomolov. “God forbid! I will never go to work in Bogomolov! Even if he does a play about Empress Elizaveta Petrovna without naked body parts in classical clothes,” the actress said, while the actress snapped on the air of the show YouTube “Lera in the big city.”

He then called the director “an unprofessional person.” “He does not know the profession. Yes, I believe it, and I do not just believe it. Golubkin.

She is outraged by the fact that Bogomolov makes the actors speak into microphones: “There is a tremendously funny play by Woody Allen on the stage. Nobody laughs at all. People with microphones, hanging screens. Everywhere.”

Maria shared her personal experience of working with Konstantin. “He does not know how to work with actors at all. He blew our producer’s ears off, chose a good artist, but he could not even stage an elementary French play with very good actors so that it could be seen,” Golubkina. he is outraged.

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