Kobeny from Chainsaw Man dresses up as a sassy schoolgirl in this cosplay

Date: January 10, 2023 Time: 23:40:49

One anime that grabbed attention last year and continues to do so is Chainsaw Man, whose story was filled with a lot of action, drama, demons, and crazy young people, but among these characters, one became interesting, and yes, we say about Cobeny.

Kobeney stands out for being a character who starts to reflect his surroundings in the situation he finds himself in, but by the end of a possible first season, we’ve seen that he has exceptional abilities, only that he doesn’t have to be afraid of anything.

Via Instagram, model Hshin.s made an incredible and amazing version of Kobeney from Chainsaw Man dressed up as a cute schoolgirl and looks like she will be part of an important mission.

Kobeni is part of the Fourth Section Squad as this team is made up of people with special powers like the Possessed, people who become demons and more.

As you can see, the cosplayer respected the essence of this character, including her hairstyle, which consists of a small ponytail, leaves a little bangs on her forehead, and stops the rest with a red hairpin.

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