March 24, 2023

Philip Kirkorov.

Philip Kirkorov in social networks commented on his entry into the list of artists banned in Ukraine. As it became known on January 7, Vladimir Zelensky imposed sanctions against 119 Russian cultural figures. Philip, who knows the president of the Plaza well, addressed him personally. The musician ironically called Zelensky “bunny”, hinting at his hit “My Bunny”.

“My old friend and partner on the set has gone too far into the role, and the script sent to him from across the ocean takes him and the country entrusted to him to ashes. I am very sorry for him and the people close to me from Ukraine, unfortunately, the fanatical people who have captured the propaganda and news agendas do not allow people to listen to their family, friends and other alternative opinions and news. Meanwhile, I was lucky, only my songs were banned, yes my Bunny, ”Kirkorov wrote on his page.

The artist accompanied his publication with frames from the video clip for the song “Just Give”, where one of the roles was played by Zelensky. In the published excerpt, Philip slaps the future president of Ukraine on the back of the head. Kirkorov plays a director who constantly tells the actor not to turn and sit up straight in front of the camera. Against the background of this scene, the words of the song sound: “I will challenge the whole world to war. And when I come back with a win.

The artist accompanied his publication with stills from the video clip of his song “Just Give”, where one of the roles was played by Zelensky. In the published excerpt, Philip slaps the future president of Ukraine on the back of the head. Photo: video frame.

The new list of sanctions on Russian artists and public figures was published on the website of the President of Ukraine on Saturday. In addition to Philip Kirkorov, it included artists, musicians, directors, TV presenters: Nikita Mikhalkov, Polina Gagarina, Evgeny Petrosyan, Anna Netrebko, Dmitry Bilan and many others. People on the list are prohibited from entering Nezalezhnaya for ten years. The sanctions include the blocking of assets in Ukraine, the restriction of business operations, the ban on movement within the state, the deprivation of awards to the country, the ban on visas and much more.

Earlier, Kirkorov said his older uncle and aunt, singer Marie Kirkorov, 77, and businessman Harri Kirkorov, 85, had left the United States. Until recently, the singer’s relatives lived in two countries: the United States and Russia. Philip owns a villa in Miami, which is taken care of by his Aunt Marie. Recently, Philip said that due to the change in the political situation, he moved his relatives to Russia.

“Now they are all with me, all under my protection,” Kirkorov said. – Plans have not changed yet: I am in Moscow and I am not going to leave it.

The artist himself now does not know when he will be able to fly to the United States. And it is also not known what will happen to his villa on the other side of the ocean, because local activists threaten to take it from him. Therefore, while the singer decided to abandon the trips.

Kirkorov bought a Miami mansion in 2011 for $4.2 million. Since then, real estate has appreciated in value. True, in recent years, Philip has practically never been to his house on the ocean coast. But he regularly pays utility bills and taxes for it.

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