March 23, 2023

Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov on Komsomolskaya Pravda radio.

Photo: Viktor GUSEYNOV

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced his intention to deploy US-made HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) near the borders of the Kaliningrad region. The corresponding statement was made at the military oath ceremony by the soldiers of the Polish Army.

Kaliningrad Region Governor Anton Alikhanov spoke about how the Polish minister’s strong statements were perceived in Russia’s westernmost region.

– Anton Andreevich, according to Blaschak, this year the 16th mechanized division, located near the borders of our beloved Russian region, will receive 500 launchers …

– No, not 500. You still need to carefully read what it says. There are only 18 launchers, in my opinion, and 500 firing systems. There are 18 facilities with 500 loads.

– Well, it’s not even about that, how much they will bet there. How can we be?

– No way. Our fleet and army have something to respond to this in a completely asymmetric way. I can’t say more, because this is a military secret, but I can definitely note that any invasion of the Kaliningrad region by Poland will end in the fact that (well, unfortunately, apparently) there may be nothing left of the places where such statements are made today.

So I’m not really worried here. Polish politicians need such rhetoric to justify earmarking money for the purchase of American and Korean equipment. This has been known for a long time.

Well, if the Poles are satisfied that their money is spent on the purchase of equipment, then please, you are welcome, spend as much as you like. We have something to answer for, so I think there is no need to compete. Yes, we do not intend to do this.

– In general, how do the inhabitants of Kaliningrad perceive such information?

– You know, we are already used to such loud statements with great ambition. Well, what else to expect from a Polish general who speaks to the line from him? So we take it easy. Today we have good weather, the sun is shining, we are engaged in the development of the region, with our own affairs. Therefore, we do not pay attention to the Poles. They calmed down a long time ago.

– Are there many tourists in the region? Did you run out of this stream?

– No. We expect approximately 2 million people this year. At the moment I am holding a meeting, Andrei Viktorovich Yermak is sitting opposite me, he is the minister, as we call him, of bodybuilding – culture and tourism, he nods, says: “Yes, everything is fine, there they will be around from 2 million this year”. The turnover of the tourism industry has grown significantly in the last year, no matter what. Therefore, we are looking forward to the visit of everyone, both from Yaroslavl and from other regions of the Russian Federation.

– And who else is sitting at the table with Governor Alikhanov now?

– Three heads of administration of coastal cities: Zelenogradsk, Pionersky and Svetlogorsk. my deputy We are commenting that from mid-May we will finally have a bicycle path, one of the longest in the country, from Zelenogradsk to… How far? It is called the village of Primorye. This is the first turn.

– You said – Primorye. Is this for Oleg Nikolaevich Kozhemyako, or something like that, for Vladivostok?

– No, no, Primorye is different. Ours is here. And now we are discussing, in the national park, on the Curonian Spit, colleagues are building a bike path. So we’ll have something to do for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts. So we are waiting…

– Can you name your interlocutors?

– Alexander Rolbinov, Evgenia Kukushkina, Vladimir Bondarenko, Leonid Shibaev, Georgy Popshoy and Dmitry Anisimov, our main road builder.

– Thank you very much that even during the meeting Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda goes on the air.

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