March 24, 2023

Date: January 12, 2023 Time: 02:37:49

Both Gotoubun no Hanayome and Tokyo Revengers are series that, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t have much in common, at least until we learn of Itsuki Nakano’s official illustration as an official member of Tokyo Manji.

The first thing you should ask yourself is… What kind of relationship can Tokio Manji have with the Nakano Five? It so happens that both stories were published by Kodansha, and a couple of years ago, when the Quintis manga ended, volume 14 of Gotoubun no Hanayome included an illustration book with the Nakano sisters dressed as other characters from the publisher.

Each of the Nakano sisters visited each other, as did characters from Attack on Titan, Blue Castle, Firepower and other series…and Itsuki had to join the popular Tokyo Manji gang in formal uniforms.

A feature of Itsuki’s uniform is that he wears the Tokyo Manji emblem on his hair accessories, which replaced the pair of stars he uses in his original series.

Both Tokyo Avengers and Gotobun no hanayome are two anime series that will bring us a couple of surprises throughout the year. On the one hand, the second season of Tokyo Revengers is already streaming on the Disney Plus catalog.

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