It cost 100 million euros, he could go to Real Madrid, but now Besiktas doesn’t need him. What happened to Dele Alli?

In 2015, Tottenham won the lottery by signing for just 6.6 million euros the young and incredibly talented Englishman Dele Alli, who in his first season in the Premier League distributed 10 + 10 in the goal + pass system to the 18 years. After a super successful year, Dele did not give up and already gave 27 assists in the season, thanks to which he became one of the best players in the country, and his transfer amounted to an incredible 100 million euros. euro. At some point, it was even reported that Real Madrid was interested in him, but after five seasons the midfielder experienced a sharp decline, due to which he not only did not move to the Great Spanish, but also lost his place in the base. . from Tottenham. Where is he now?

After playing just 25 incomplete games in two seasons and scoring just one goal in them, Dele was forced to leave Spurs camp for Everton as a free agent, but in it he played just 367 minutes all season. As a result of a powerful regression, Alli went to restart his career in Besiktas, where he was supposed to become one of the best players in Turkey, but in fact became a liability and one of the most criticized footballers in the league. .

An indicative moment occurred in the match of the Turkish Cup, in which Besiktas “flew” 0:2 in the 29th minute to the representative of the third division “Sanliurfaspor”, and the head coach of the team got scared, replacing Dele There. He seemed humiliating, especially against the backdrop of boos and the roar of a crowded Istanbul stadium, which clearly backed the coach’s decision. By the way, the favorites managed to turn the match around and win with a score of 4:2.

There he played the next game on the bench, and various sources began to denounce Besiktas’ willingness to terminate the lease, which was supposed to be in force until the summer of 2023, although initially the contract even included a clause on the possible purchase of the player’s rights for 8 million euros.

Former Everton, Bolton, Celtic, Sunderland and Derby player Alan Stubbs said he cannot remember a single player in history whose downfall was as quick as Alli’s. And it wouldn’t be so sad if it weren’t for the Englishman’s age, because in April he will be just 27 years old. Dele still has many years to rehabilitate and prove to himself that he can still play at a high level, but the most real news is his termination of the contract with Everton, which runs until the summer of 2024, and then the typical wanderings. in Arab and Asian countries, where you can earn money and play for fun.

In the Tottenham documentary, there was a passage in which the team’s then coach, José Mourinho, tried to motivate Alli with the following words:

“Today I am 56 years old, but as if I were 20 yesterday, time flies inexorably. I believe that one day you will regret it if you do not achieve what is in your power to achieve. No, I don’t expect you to be the best in every game you score in every match. I’m just telling you that you will regret it (if you don’t work hard enough). You must demand more of yourself. Not from me, not from anyone else. From my part.”

And, apparently, Alli didn’t listen.

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