March 23, 2023

And here it is worth noting right away: Ippolit was neither a boring official nor, of course, as some have suggested, a KGB officer. The answer lies in Braginsky’s original script, published a long time ago. It was written in 1969. And in the scene where the groom scolds the bride for not being able to immediately notice a stranger on his ottoman, Hippolyte says: “He could not appear in my house or my laboratory.”

Accordingly, Ippolit Georgievich is the head of the laboratory. Rich, well-groomed, generous (he can afford to give his girlfriend scanty perfumes) and … deadly correct and boring, notes MK.RU, referring to the conclusions of attentive network researchers.

“Irony was filmed in 1975. The premiere of one of the obligatory symbols of our New Year’s table took place on January 1, 1976. And on February 7, the picture was repeated, due to a flood of requests from the audience.

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