March 23, 2023

Date: January 6, 2023 Time: 23:59:33

It is specified that the case was initiated on the basis of media reports that spoke about the lack of heating in the apartments of the Zavolzhsky district of the city from January 4 to 6. According to investigators, an accident occurred during this period, due to which the supply of heating and hot water to residential buildings near 2nd Krasin and Lunacharsky streets was interrupted. At the same time, low temperatures were observed in the city, and the regional Department of Emergency Situations alerted the inhabitants of the region about abnormally cold weather from January 6 to 10, with a daily temperature of 7 degrees below the climate norm.

Law enforcement suspects that the resource provider company incorrectly repairs the heating networks and the lack of resistance and density tests of the pipes. All this was a condition for preparation for work in the autumn-winter period, which was not fulfilled.

In addition, the residents of the affected area were left without hot water or heating, which, in sub-zero temperatures, could pose a threat to their lives and health.

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