March 21, 2023

Date: January 2, 2023 Time: 21:09:32

As part of the action “Christmas Tree of Wishes”, it was performed by the Governor of the Saratov Region, Roman Busargin. On the eve of the New Year holidays, he delivered gifts to four children, and in the near future, he promised to fulfill the dreams of two more children.

On January 2, they organized an excursion to the fire and rescue unit for the Bakulin family: Innokenty came with her parents and her younger sister Maya.

Children were allowed to sit behind the wheel of each fire truck. It showed utility rooms and charges for a simulated fire. The children tried on special helmets and took a trip in a fire truck. Their faces shone with joy.

The all-Russian charity action “Christmas Tree of Wishes” will run until February 28. Children who find themselves in a difficult life situation come to her. Representatives of regional and local authorities are trying to make their dreams come true.

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