In Primorye, one and a half month old leopard kittens were found near the KXan highway 36 Daily News

Date: January 10, 2023 Time: 07:35:06

The kittens were trapped so that they would not die from the cold or under the wheels of cars. This was the first time leopards had been forced to be taken from the wild at such a young age.

Experts believe that, most likely, they lagged behind their mother due to high snow cover. Perhaps the female tried to lead them to the dam, but the children could not cross the Razdolnoe-Khasan highway, they were afraid of open space. Before removing the kittens, the scientists searched for the female, hoping that her mother would come looking for them.

The foundlings, which are about a month and a half old, were transported to the Rehabilitation Center of the Regional Public Organization “Centro del Tigre”. There they were examined, which they really did not like. The leopards demonstrated the natural behavior of wild animals. The puppies will receive constant care and special nutrition.

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