March 25, 2023

Date: January 7, 2023 Time: 13:38:34

This season Russia has the most active calendar of national snow volleyball competitions for all the time that this discipline began to actively develop in the country, Europe and the world (since the mid-2010s). Both the Russian Championship and the draw for the national Cup consist of three stages: two preliminaries and two finals.

Kazan is currently hosting the second stage of the championship, the first taking place in November at Novy Urengoy. 10 men’s teams participate: Fakel (Novy Urengoy), Zenit (Saint Petersburg), Dynamo – Water Stadium (Moscow), VFV Volleyball Academy (Anapa), Torpedo (Moscow), VOLLEY and YOU” (Kazan), two teams were presented by “Dynamo-Tatarstan” (Kazan) and “Academy” (Moscow).

In the women’s tournament, Zarechye-Odintsovo (Moscow region), Spartak (Bryansk), VFV Volleyball Academy (Anapa), Dynamo-Tatarstan (Kazan), Torpedo (Moscow), Lokomotiv (Kaliningradskaya region).

Fakel is played by Taras Myskiv, who, together with Ruslan Dayanov, became European champion in 2018. But then the snow volleyball discipline had a “2×2” game format, which was later abandoned and changed to the “3×3″ format. ” with a spare allowed.

On Saturday morning, the first two semifinalists of the women’s competitions were determined. These are “Zarechye-Odintsovo” and Bryansk “Spartak”. And for men, the preliminary stage is just being completed, after which the playoffs will begin.

When distributing the prize fund, the All-Russian Volleyball Federation (VVF) strictly adheres to the principle of gender equality. The winning teams will receive 150 thousand rubles for all the players who took part in the competition matches in Kazan.

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