March 23, 2023

Date: March 19, 2023 Time: 10:58:00

According to the regional headquarters of the Investigative Committee, in the summer of last year, a citizen of Irkutsk systematically beat his partner’s daughter with hands and feet for alleged misconduct. Furthermore, he forced the girl to kneel down, while dry hard peas were scattered on the floor.

The petite Siberian woman, unable to bear the bullying, asked for help at a grocery store located next to the house where the family lived. The seller filmed a conversation with a child and traces of beatings on video, and later posted the recording on the Internet. After that, the law enforcement agencies became interested in what happened, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case.

The man, previously convicted multiple times, pleaded not guilty. The court sentenced him to five years in a strict regime colony. The verdict has not yet entered into force, the region’s prosecutor’s office said.

The victim of violence is removed from the family. Now the girl is in a social institution and her mother has limited parental rights.

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