March 25, 2023

Olga Búzova.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Very soon, on January 20, Olga Buzova will be 37 years old. The singing TV presenter has long been hinted at: they say that time is ticking, it’s time to start a family. The singer herself passionately dreams of getting married. She said this more than once in interviews. The actress is ready to get married and have children, but she has no candidates for husbands. Perhaps the reason for this is the excessive demands of the star. To win her heart, Olya needs to be taken to expensive resorts, constantly talking about her love and showering her with flowers. Perhaps in the new year, Buzova will decide to lower the bar for her, and then her happiness will smile at her. In any case, the singer announced the good news about her to her subscribers on social networks: in 2023 she will get married! But it’s not exactly.

On Christmas night, Olga decided to tell fortunes. The singer folded notes with wishes for 2023 into ten glasses. Closing her eyes, she drew three random predictions. It turned out that next year she would travel a lot, she would buy another apartment and get married.

Seeing the note with the marriage prediction, Olga squealed with joy.

– Hurrah! I’ll get married! – the singer rejoiced violently.

Olga guessed her husband at Christmas. Photo: social networks.

Friends sincerely wished her happiness in her personal life. Now the matter is small: she remains to find a groom.

Earlier, the singer Anita Tsoi explained why Olga could not meet the man of her dreams.

“Olya is very strong, she cannot stop,” Anita commented on the reason for Buzova’s loneliness. – She is very ambitious. For an artist who wants to reach great heights, this is normal. But for a woman – not too good.

The actress gave the singing TV presenter valuable advice: do not delay and try to get married as soon as possible. After all, each year her chances of putting a stamp in her passport dwindle rapidly.

– Olya, listen to me. At forty, you are an old grandmother and no one will marry you. Seize the moment while you have skin, youth, color, buzz! Get married now! – Anita Tsoi turned in absentia to Buzova, speaking with MK journalists.

Of course, in the words of the singer there is something of a joke. However, Anita is sure that time passes and, in the end, fame and money will be just tinsel that she will not be able to save from loneliness.

– The main thing is not to miss the moment. Our achievements, profits are all tinsel. Before God, when the most important moment comes at the end of life, we are all equal. At that point, no one will need anything, Choi says.

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