March 23, 2023

Alexey Panin. Photo: social networks.

Alexey Panin moved to Spain more than two years ago. The actor hoped to live in comfortable Europe on the shores of the warm sea and come to Russia to work. At first it was like that, until Alexei began to spread mud in his native country. Because of his harsh statements, Panin stayed in Russia without filming or contracts. He is no longer called to act in Moscow, let alone in Spain. The 45-year-old actor doesn’t know Spanish, and without it, finding a decent movie job is simply unreal. Now Panin is devouring the old reserves accumulated during the “fat” times in his homeland. Panin starred in films, played in performances, starred in various TV shows. He now has a lot of free time, but his income has dropped significantly.

“Another life has come. Not the one she had when she was making ten movies a year. I have everything exactly like middle class people. In Russia I earned a lot of two or three thousand dollars a day, sometimes more. And I spent them mainly in restaurants, women and parties. Now I live like an ordinary person: I take care of a child, buy groceries, toilet paper. I can say that everything is very modest,” said the artist in an interview with the YouTube channel “Property in Spain with Joy.”

Panin is trying to find a part-time job. But so far the only thing that has appeared to him are master classes in Valencia in one of the theater studios that his friend opened. The actor admitted that they pay a penny there; this is a job, rather, for the soul. For the fact that he teaches acting skills to everyone, Panin receives a modest fee.

“There are children and adolescents. I don’t make much money there. Generally speaking, for gasoline, for food. I come only for friendship, because I am interested in communicating. This is not a brainstorming. Here come people who are engaged for the sake of their own development. Someone comes out of interest, ”admitted the artist.

The actor lives in Spain with his daughter Anna. Photo: social networks.

Alexei had another plan: he wanted to try his hand at Hollywood. For this, he made a tourist visa. Panin dreams of finding a job in the United States and says that he is ready to play “bad Russians” and bandits.

“I am lucky in life. Here is someone who will come to the United States and it will not be necessary. And I will come and triumph. Because I am, excuse me, Alexei Panin. Not because I’m better than you, but because I was born that way! And nothing will stop me”, believes the actor.

To help her father, her 15-year-old daughter Anna even got a job as a waitress. The girl dreams of becoming an actress, like Panin. But to go to study in Valencia she needs money that the family does not have.

Earlier, the Zhmurok star said that he would like to live in Europe and work in Russia.

“I would like to go to Russia: in winter – to the bathhouse, in summer – to the village, in autumn – for mushrooms. I want to go to my mother’s grave, I want to come to the field to work, but I don’t want to live there! I prefer the sea, Europe. I also like Russia, but not for permanent housing. Therefore, I stay here,” Panin said.

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