“I was drunk”: Semenovich responded to accusations that she seduced Revva in front of his wife

Ana Semenovich.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Three years ago, the network broadcast the video of Anna Semenovich, dancing with the showman Alexander Revva. The video was remembered by the audience thanks to the rather frank movements of the owner of the bust of the sixth size. As Revva, disguised as Arthur Pirozhkov, performed his coup, Anna surrounded him in a seductive dance. Semenovich erotically shook her bust and bared her legs, drawing attention to herself. The piquancy of the situation was added by the fact that all this happened in front of the wife of Alexander Angelica. Social media users later wrote in the comments that Semenovich seduced Reva in front of his lawful wife.

In the new edition of the Rutube program “Evil Tongues” Semenovich commented on the accusations of seducing a colleague. According to Anna, he simply drank too much alcohol that night.

“We sit at the table, we walk. Philip Kirkorov, Kolya Baskov, all my friends… We haven’t seen each other for a long time… Wine is a river, well, I drank too. How is it with colleagues? When a colleague sings, you cheer him up. Well, I’m going to dance! I ended up on stage by accident, I don’t remember how. Drunk was what to say. Well, really, drunk, ”he said.

Three years ago, the Network shared the video in which Anna seductively dances around Revva. Photo: video frame.

Anna says she “did nothing wrong.” As for the frank movements, Semenovich simply decided to show off at the ball.

“I did not do anything wrong. Revva did not seduce. He seduced me. I had fun, I was spinning in a nice state”, says Anna.

The singer erotically shook her breasts… Photo: video frame.

According to the singer, this sincere dance did not spoil her good relationship with Revva’s wife, Anzhelika.

“We’re all friends. It was a harmless, drunken dance. Do I believe in friendship between a man and a woman? Certainly!” – says Semenovich.

…and bares her legs. Photo: video frame.

During the show, Anna also told how she is doing on the personal front now. The 43-year-old singer said she was dating a man, but she was not going to reveal the identity of her boyfriend.

Earlier, Semenovich said that her chosen one should be a wealthy person, since she herself earns well and is used to prosperity. Anna will not be able to live with Alphonse, which is why she is so scrupulous about the choice of partners.

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