“I have never been a citizen of Ukraine”: Lolita admitted that she has two passports: Russia and Israel



Singer Lolita Milyavskaya commented on social media that she is on Ukraine’s sanctions list. On Saturday, January 7, the Nezalezhnaya president’s website published the names of 119 Russian cultural figures who are now banned from entering the country. Among them is Lolita Milyavskaya.

Getting on this list only amused the singer, about which she humorously told her subscribers. Milyavskaya emphasized that the compilers of the list made a mistake: she had never been a citizen of Ukraine. Until recently, her mother and her daughter lived in Kyiv, but Lolita never had a passport from this country.

Milyavskaya explained that she was born in Ukraine during the Soviet era. However, she never received Ukrainian citizenship. For many years, her Lolita has been living on two passports: she has citizenship of Russia and Israel. In her post, the singer explained in detail how it happened.

“I found myself, it turned out that I am a citizen of Russia, I confirm this. For some reason, I am also a citizen of Ukraine, I do not confirm. She never was, because she was a citizen of the USSR. I confirm that I am an Israeli citizen, because it was Ukraine that expelled my father to Israel in 1974. In 1978 he died, and I was given a second citizenship at the place of his burial, ”said the singer.

People on the sanctions list are prohibited from entering Nezalezhnaya for ten years. The sanctions provide for the blocking of assets in Ukraine, the restriction of business operations, the prohibition of movement within the territory of the state and the deprivation of state awards. The last point aroused particular irony in Lolita, since she did not receive any title in Ukraine.

“Please give me these prizes! I’ll hold out a bit and come back. People, don’t be fooled! Well, what have you achieved? – said the singer.

Earlier, in an interview with KP, Lolita said that her Israeli passport is about to expire. Extending it is quite a problem: you need to go to Israel and go through a lot of red tape. Therefore, the artist wanted to apply for a residence permit in Bulgaria, where she has owned an apartment in a tourist complex near Varna for many years. However, the Bulgarian authorities refused her a residence permit.

– The Bulgarian authorities have stopped issuing visas to the owners. But tourist visas are still not denied. My Israeli passport is running out, it needs to be changed. And this is all a hemorrhoids. Therefore, just in case, I wanted to get an owner visa in Bulgaria for three years so that I could fly with my family to the country. But they did not give me a visa, Milyavskaya told KP.

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