March 21, 2023

Alexei Kuznetsov in Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets.

The Crimean actor Alexander Kuznetsov was put into high orbit by Moscow (for some reason he did not work at the kyiv Theater Institute). To be more precise, the director Alexander Molochnikov – after all, it was he who brought an unknown artist from Sevastopol to his own performances at the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov (“Rebels”, “Night of Lovers”). It is even funnier that after some time, having starred in several Russian TV series (“Bad Weather”, “Better Than People”, “Kept Women”), Kuznetsov treacherously “thrown” Molochnikov, essentially disrupting the premiere of the play ” Bulba.Feast”, having escaped to the shooting of the Fantastic Beasts triquele two days before the premiere of the production. Then the director called his colleague a fantastic creature. A new interview with an actor who radically changed his appearance convinced the public that Molochnikov turned out to be a prophet in many ways.KP.RU cites excerpts from the comments of the Crimean star with two passports (Russian and Ukrainian), who moved from the center of Moscow to a room in London, each one of which is probably completely true.


“I have already spoken out against the CBO and therefore decided that [российской] customs have it all [и меня не выпустят]. So I faked a document [для прохождения государственной границы РФ], as if I were shooting with Sarik Andreasyan in a comedy, the days of shooting were prescribed there. At first they gave me 27, 28 and 29 [февраля]. So I said: no, it’s so implausible. Let’s put on the 27th, then two days of testing, then makeup, then on the 30th I go back to Moscow, then I go back to shooting, there are a couple more days, and then I have a performance at the Theater of the Russian Army. I prepared the paper on the left, we found the actual film [Андреасяна] in “Kinopoisk” – “Manyunya” [который снимают в Армении]. With this paper I reached the border, 3 thousand people were in line, I defended myself.


“Then they told me: ‘You can’t leave, you have a subpoena.’ “For what reason?”. I say: “My vision is minus seven.” I’m just lying to you! Everyone lies! I try not to show that my limbs are shaking. I have as much ability to think of ***** (trash) on the fly and tell it in great detail, as you are now (later the actor promises that in this interview he will only tell the truth!). Probably, the theater institute helped. I started bombarding them with so much emotional information that they can’t help but believe it. And yet he said, “Then show me the white ticket.” I don’t even know what it looks like. I start to confidently get the same piece of paper. Then he waves his hand, they say, get out of here.


What do I think about Rowling being cancelled? For the first time in my life I will say that I prefer not to answer the question. This is such a difficult situation that I prefer not to answer. I can say I’m against Putin, but I can’t say anything about JK Rowling.”


“I made the decision how to burn bridges with today’s Russia. Many people are tied to the actor. [и проектов, и гонораров]so he took time to think [и поддержать ВСУ]. By a premonition that something is [спецоперация] Russia can start, but what about Ukraine? No. I had a Fantastic Beasts poster that came out the day before CBO started. It’s a rush of endorphins! I thought it was such a cultural bridge between Russia and the world! I didn’t sleep all night, I thought it was [голливудский постер] incredible! This means that you can do anything in life! The era of globalism begins in art. And after 16 hours everything is cut in half. Iceberg cracks and leaves”

Actor Alexander Kuznetsov.

Photo: YouTube


“I don’t count the money that [платили за фильмы с господдержкой — «Сердце Пармы», «Братство» и др.] received, owned by the state. I do not consider this money “cursed”, it’s just that certain conditions will already be indicated in the contract. [по поводу высказываний против государства]. To be honest, I am ready to return to Russia now and make a film with independent money. Unfortunately, this is most likely not possible. I mean, I don’t promise. I am ready to return to Russia if they do not put me in prison and shoot me in an independent film. I keep getting auditions (casting offers) in large numbers.”


“No one would have forced me to renounce Ukrainian citizenship… In Ukraine, everyone thinks that this is against the law. No, you simply cannot use a second passport on the territory of Ukraine. I don’t have a sense of home. In this conflict, I am 150% on the side of Ukraine. But I do not feel Russia as my homeland. And Ukraine too. I have never owned a house in my life. I think these are all mental connections that you develop in yourself, being somewhere, falling in love with people, making friends with them, and creating. And I get this feeling of a mini-homeland from any place where I have been working for a long time”.

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