How to pay your outstanding debts with Social Security with a card

Date: January 2, 2023 Time: 21:36:09

For those citizens who have contracted debts with Social Security and want to pay them off as soon as possible, there is the possibility of paying them online and by credit card in a process that takes just five minutes. The convenience of being able to solve these irregularities from home and at any time of the day makes it easier for citizens to catch up much sooner with their payment obligations voluntarily.

The payment of doubts by credit card is a procedure available at the Electronic Office of the Social Security. Payment is allowed with a debit or credit bank card and the debts that can be satisfied are those voluntarily not paid within the regulatory period, debts in executive proceedings and debts that have been the subject of a debt claim.

Whether you are a company or a private citizen, on the main page you will have to look for the Collection submenu and the possibility of paying will appear in the list of procedures. In order to complete the payment, you must have the debt document or deposit document, since in the process it will be necessary to indicate the reference or file number and the account number that appears in the document; and the corresponding card with the data security permits.

Information necessary to make the payment in Social Security

When the necessary data has been filled in, which they leave compiled in the following list, you must press the Make payment button. The gateway enter the data required by the issuer of your card and verify the payment. With these steps completed, the receipt for the operation can be downloaded, the process terminated and the debt paid.

Surname and first name of the debtor/debtor or trade name of the debtor company.NIF/NIE of the debtor/debtor.Reference number of the file.Account number/IBAN: all the digits of the account that are noted in the document must appear debt or income.

The payment made by debit or credit card will be understood as made on the date on which the funds will enter the restricted account of the General Treasury of the Social Security consigned when making the deposit, they explain in the information of the procedure. Usually, it is between 24 and 48 hours after the completion of the procedure.

Through this service it is possible, in addition to settling current debts, to pay or resolve debt claims, orders and enforcement files and refunds of undue benefits.

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