How many types of demons are there in Chainsaw Man?

Date: March 18, 2023 Time: 05:08:40

There is very little left before the start of the anime “Chainsaw Man” and we will enter his world full of all kinds of demons that can be divided into classes and now we will talk in general terms about their existence … do not worry, there are no spoilers!

Supernatural beings inhabiting the entire planet. Each of them is born with a name that is associated with “something” that exists and causes fear (either physically or psychologically); their appearance is manifested in accordance with the collective consciousness that surrounds their names. They drink blood to heal their wounds and even use some of their special abilities.

We are talking about a demon that has taken possession of the corpse of a living being. The traces of the demon they represent appear mainly in the form of its head, and the personality of this being comes entirely from the demon that possessed the corpse. It is also known that they do not have such a developed intellect and act more based on their demonic nature.

Strength is a perfect example of a demon male (or female?) as he has a pair of red horns protruding above his head, and his way of expressing himself is reminiscent of that of a being who lived in ancient times.

Hybrids are a very peculiar class of demons that our protagonist Danji belongs to: they are beings who still retain their memories and personality as human beings, but have the ability to transform into demons thanks to a “body trigger”. as it happens with the rope that hangs on the chest of our protagonist.

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