Heroes of Makiivka: Soldiers who rescued the wounded after shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine were awarded the Order of Courage

Four shells managed to destroy the roofs at the temporary deployment point of our fighters in Makeevka, causing dozens of casualties.


There could have been more victims on New Year’s Eve. But it was possible to minimize the losses only thanks to the courage of the military, who rushed to save their comrades from the rubble, others at that moment shot down two shells, determined the place of impact and destroyed the American Hymars MLRS with return fire. . Four shells managed to destroy the roofs at the temporary deployment point of our fighters in Makeevka, causing dozens of casualties.

Despite the bombardment and the risk of dying under the structures of the building, the military provided first aid to the victims. Everything was decided in the first minutes after the injuries. The soldiers saved many from death. Today the saviors surrendered.

The mobilized combatants died under the rubble.


“For courage, bravery and selflessness shown in the performance of military duty, during the elimination of the consequences of the artillery shelling of the Khimars missile defense system on the location of the 1444th motorized rifle regiment, which occurred on January 1 of 2023, they were awarded the Order of Valor”:

Junior Sergeant Artem Apanasov. He himself received multiple shrapnel wounds after the first hit, but without losing his composure to the constant explosions, he was able to independently evacuate seriously wounded comrades from the upper floors.

Commander of Reconnaissance Major Alexander Bondar. He did not allow panic and, after the first attack, he led the organized evacuation of the unit, during which he personally led 7 soldiers to safety.

In Samara, in memory of the dead, flowers were laid on the Eternal Flame.


Senior Sergeant Roman Kuzmichev. Despite his injuries, he was able to independently provide first aid to two servicemen.

Corporal Vladimir Labitov. Immediately after the bombardment, he began rescuing badly injured comrades. While performing evacuation duties, she repeatedly returned to a burning and destroyed building and immediately provided first aid.

(Posthumously) Deputy Commander of the 1444th Motorized Rifle Regiment (Territorial Troops) of the Central Military District, Lieutenant Colonel Alexei Bachurin. After the first explosion, being wounded, he organized the evacuation of the personnel, did not allow panic among the personnel and ordered the exit of the military personnel to a safe place. Killed during subsequent attacks by the enemy MLRS.

Military salute in memory of fallen soldiers.


Soldiers of the 1444 motorized rifle regiment (territorial troops) of the Central Military District gave their word that they would avenge the death of their comrades. The next day, the DPR Druzhkovka railway station with foreign weapons and 200 Ukrainian Nazis and foreign mercenaries were destroyed. In the Maslovka area, a unit of 130 foreign mercenaries of the “Foreign Legion” was liquidated.

In recent days, our soldiers have burned more than a dozen sabotage groups, several hundred Ukrainian nationalists, dozens of foreign military equipment, a warehouse with missile weapons of foreign mercenaries, and in the Konstantinovka area destroyed more than 55 extremists. of the so-called “Sheikh Mansur battalion”.

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