“He will be cursed by his country, viewers, history”: Elena Drapenko – about Smolyaninov’s words about Russia KXan 36 Daily News

Date: January 9, 2023 Time: 04:23:33

“Son of a bitch, what can I say? I think he will be cursed by his country, the viewers, history,” Drapenko was quoted as saying by Channel Five.

He noted that many actors are emotional people, but the statements of the star of the “9th company” cannot be justified by this: “It seems that a person has chosen some kind of his own path, well, he has a path there.” “

According to Drapenko, Smolyaninov was invited to the roles of heroes because of his “brutal” appearance, “but that does not mean that he is the same person on the inside,” the deputy emphasized, adding: “Real heroes do not always look like heroes.” .”

Earlier, the presenter Alla Dovlatova condemned Smolyaninov’s stunt, and the actor Soslan Fidarov commented on her statement about his death. The State Duma also proposed to bring the actor to justice.

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