“Hawkeye” Jeremy Renner published the first photo from the hospital: this is how the actor looks after a serious injury

The other day, Russian actor Jan Tsapnik’s stunt double, Jeremy Renner, star of the Avengers (Hawkeye) franchise, The Hurt Locker, among others, got into trouble, entered into an unequal battle with the elements and almost lost. .

Before the New Year, the actor posted on social networks a photo of the consequences of heavy snowfall on the border of the states of California and Nevada. “Snowfall on Lake Tahoe is no joke,” he wrote, not yet realizing how accurate that would turn out to be.

This photo Renner posted shortly before the emergency

Hearty Renner, like his superhero Hawkeye, decided to come to the aid of an ordinary American citizen at the right time. And he helped a family member stuck in the snow by car. Jeremy brought his own snowcat and started pulling the car out. When the deed was done, the actor went outside to have a chat with the poor man stuck in the snow, but he didn’t put the parking brake on the snowplow, it sped off and almost ran over Renner (as happened to actor Anton Yelchin). Jeremy activated superhero mode, tried to get back behind the wheel, but in life everything is not the same as in Hollywood: a heavy colossus crashed into his leg. He received a closed chest wound and lost a lot of blood. And if it weren’t for the neighbor who rushed to the emergency room and put a tourniquet on the actor, there would have been one more ridiculous death on Earth. Doctors had to take the 51-year-old actor out of the snow-covered places by helicopter. He probably also saved his life. Help was provided on time.

Only on January 4, Renner got in touch for the first time and posted a selfie. In it, he looks tired and battered, with a bruise under his eye, but as if he’s already resigned. And even as if he tried to smile. He has a nasal cannula in his nose to supply oxygen.

– Now [в голове] it’s all too confusing to print,” she captioned the image. “But I send love to all of you. Thank you all for the kind words.

The actor’s relatives also made an official appeal.

“Jeremy’s family would like to express their gratitude to the incredible doctors and nurses who treated him, the fire and rescue workers, the Washoe County Sheriff, Reno Mayor Hillary Shiv, and the Carano and Murdoch families.” they said.

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