Has Khabib Nurmagomedov finally left the industry? The consequences of his decision.

Date: January 9, 2023 Time: 02:20:42

Let’s start with the fact that Khabib himself did not say anything specific, and all the talk came from the post of his friend Shamil Zavurov, who announced the departure of the legend from the industry. Well, so be it, the logic is there. Now Khabib’s team has a new champion – Islam Makhachev, it is he who will take full responsibility for the team. With all due respect, but Makhachev does not have the authority of Khabib, nor the means, he will not perform all these functions.

Eagle FC

Khabib shot with this promotion, built an arena in the US and achieved significant results. The main American media began to write about it, making it absolutely free. None of the Russian promotions could achieve something like that. Then Eagle began to hold tournaments in the countries of Central Asia and turned into an infighting between the representatives of the Asian republics of the former USSR, which ended the interest of Russians and MMA fans in other countries. . If Nurmagomedov finally retires, then this organization can be safely forgotten.

Team Khabib

If Nurmagomedov stops solving problems for his team members, many will simply stop getting promoted. One of the first to be fired is Zubaira Tukhugov, who is staying in the UFC only because of Khabib, holding a maximum of one fight a year. Makhachev’s influence will not help here.

Khabib leads or led a lot of projects, quite a few people are involved in them and his departure looks very strange and not quite right. Let’s be honest, but the whole industry of him will simply collapse, without him he is worth nothing!

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