March 23, 2023

Vladimir Putin tends to rule the state not from afar, but directly on the ground. Photo: freeze frame video

…- Good day! Gennady Grigoryevich, how would you comment on Vladimir Putin’s early trip to Mariupol today (Sunday March 19)? I got on a helicopter, flew there, then behind the wheel of a car …

– Our president tends to rule the state not from afar, not behind the Kremlin walls, but – being directly on the ground, on the territory.

In addition, today the need for you to visit Mariupol is evident.

Because these are lands that returned to the countryside of our country, but at the same time whose population experienced exorbitant hardships and hardships.

And the fact that the head of state was there, even for a few hours, will increase, first of all, the morale of the army and the people’s militia of the DPR.

The republic, which has been fighting for independence there since 2014, is now part of Russia.

Secondly, it is of course an important support for the people who live there…

And, then, when the head of state finds out about the life of his people not from reports and reports, even if they are objective, truthful, but directly from the neighbors themselves, it is worth a lot.

In any case, what happened this Sunday in Mariupol, and the day before, in Sebastopol, are serious political steps by the president.

What shows, even to foreign rulers, that Donbass, DPR and LPR, Crimea are our lands and not talking about their transfer to someone there is of no importance.

And in general, as they say, bargaining is inappropriate. That’s all.

– Good. Thank you so much.


Vladimir Putin in the DPR: He drove around Mariupol behind the wheel and went to visit residents

Vladimir Putin drove through the streets of Mariupol at the wheel (details)

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