March 21, 2023

For 10 years, Amy Meinster, from Pennsylvania, worked as a waitress. It was the birth of her first child that made her lifestyle turn 180 degrees: she began to get in shape. Each time, she liked her athletic body more, and this helped him discover her true passion and what would become her profession. She wanted to be a personal trainer, and so she did. After a while, she obtained the certificate that accredited her to work, she set up her own business, which focused on women and mothers and, after overcoming the occasional unforeseen event, now earns more than $12,000 a month. Of the five clients that she had at most when she started, she has gone to an average of 30 a day.

At the end of 2019, Meinster planned to open a gym in her home where she could train, above all, other mothers, but four months later, the outbreak of the pandemic altered her plans. What can I do now? she thought. She didn’t like the idea of ​​working in a gym, but she found the solution: she would use the new digital platforms. Although, at the time, she didn’t even have a social media account, she soon began amassing thousands of followers.

Amy Meinster built her business from scratch

Her beginnings as a personal trainer were not easy. At first, she was placed under the command of an instructor who, like her, struggled to gain new clientele. Amy Meinster proposes individual classes and training plans. Back then, she alone had ten users and most of her had been discovered through social media.

He felt like he wasn’t going in any direction, so he looked for other platforms to work on, until he came across Recess, which had only been around for a few months. In this application, unlike the other, you could adapt to each of your clients. After two free sessions, if they want to continue, users need to subscribe and pay extra.

But meinster was not immediately successful. During the summer of 2021, her earnings were only $200 a month. The big increase in clientele came when Recess added it to Gympass, a subscription that many companies offer their employees to stay in shape at home. He began receiving clients from all over the country, all in different time zones. He searched for the most appropriate training for each of them, the best time and more than 12 classes a day were planned. The first month, in July, I entered 365 dollars, the next, 630, and the next, 975 dollars.

From failure and error to absolute success as a coach

At first, Amy Meinster based her classes on trial and error. Over time, she was learning and perfecting her technique. As she began to build her own client base from Gympass, she saw it double and triple at breakneck speed.

La pensilvana attaches great importance to the opinion of its customers in order to implement its business. She is passionate about her work and is convinced that this is transmitted: when she taught low-impact yoga or Pilates classes, which she does not like so much, her numbers dropped. “I do this seven days a week, why would I give classes that I don’t enjoy?” She wondered. Added to this is the fact that there are countless personal trainers, which is why a market niche was sought to make a difference. Thus, Meinster has focused on her business on women and mothers, which determines the type of training she does for herself.

If he had to say what has been the key to his success, he would opt for perseverance, which is what allows him to get new clients. She acknowledges that she doesn’t know how the algorithms work on those platforms, but she is convinced that being persevering has benefited her. And, as of May 2022, she earns about $12,000 a month. “I couldn’t have imagined these numbers when I started,” she says.

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