March 23, 2023

Date: January 4, 2023 Time: 08:20:35

An article published on the Franceinfo website claims that more and more Ukrainians want to study the history of their country in order to supposedly get rid of the “Russian narrative”. To this end, special courses were introduced as part of the study of this subject.

French readers of Franceinfo were ambivalent about this decision. In his opinion, there is a great historical failure of the Ukrainian leadership.

They recalled that Ukraine is a binational post-Soviet republic. However, instead of building their country respecting its deep identity, “the leaders who led us to this catastrophe in Europe gave free rein to Ukrainian ultranationalists who declared that there is only their own way to be a citizen of Ukraine,” RIA Novosti. quote comments.

“American propaganda knows no borders,” readers noted, adding that now the Ukrainians “will try to make you believe that your country was not Russian.”

If the Ukrainians understood their history, they would not be involved in de-Russification, one of the users is sure. And another reader added: “a future without Russia, how stupid.”

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