March 25, 2023

Date: January 5, 2023 Time: 09:28:43

This happened during Biden’s visit to Kentucky. While he praised the American infrastructure, the American leader went on to say that Americans could never understand.

Speaking of better days ahead, Biden said: “I’ve been saying for a long time, here’s what I mean, that I’ve never, ever, ever been as optimistic about America’s prospects as I am today. I’ve traveled to more from 140 countries around the world To paraphrase my old neighbor’s phrase: the rest of the world – the world – is not “a patch on our jeans. If we do what we want and must do.”

Journalists, politicians and users wondered on Twitter what their president really said. “On the ‘What the hell did Joe Biden say today?’” RedState columnist Buzz Patterson quipped.

Abigail Marone, a spokeswoman for Republican Sen. Josh Hawley, said it makes sense if “your brain has turned to mush.” Washington Examiner columnist Beckett Adams wryly asked if there was a lot of toxic lead paint in the area where Biden was.

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that Biden intends to run for a second term. At the same time, she noted that Biden has not yet filed for him. According to Jean-Pierre, the administration will not anticipate “any announcement” in this regard.

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