Former UGT secretary Nicolás Redondo Urbieta dies at the age of 95

The General Union of Workers and Workers (UGT) reported on Tuesday night the death of former UGT Secretary General Nicolás Redondo Urbieta at 95 years of age, in Madrid. The union regretted his death in a statement in which it recalled his “intense fight for the rights of workers, the improvement of employment and equality in Spanish society.”

Nicolás Redondo was born in Barakaldo in 1927. A metal worker, he joined the UGT and the PSOE in 1945. He was General Secretary of the union from 1976 to 1994, although since 1971 he already served as Political Secretary, a figure prior to the position of General Secretary. UGT points out that he “was an essential figure of trade unionism in Spain, during the Franco dictatorship, the transition and in democracy.” In addition, he recalls that in his fight for social justice, he was arrested and prosecuted by the Franco dictatorship on numerous occasions due to his political and union activities.

On April 18, 1976, he was elected Secretary General of the UGT at the XXX Congress of the organization. Deputy of the PSOE for Vizcaya in 1977, 1979, 1982 and 1986, in 1987 he resigned from his seat. Nicolás Redondo -continues the UGT note- carried out an intense fight for the rights of working people, the improvement of employment and equality in Spanish society. His figure is key in the conquest of union and political freedoms, as well as in the achievement of labor and social rights in our country. A committed, brave and coherent man, he was always up to the challenges and historical times that he had to live.

The union shows its “most sincere gratitude for his work and immense dedication to unionism and to the workers of our country. His memory drives us to continue his struggle and legacy,” he concludes. The general secretary of the General Union of Workers, Pepe Álvarez, also mourned her death tonight and highlighted his commitment, consistency and courage.

Through his Twitter account, Álvarez has stated: “With regret and emotion we have learned of the death of Nicolás Redondo at the age of 95.” He recalls that he “was the top leader of the UGT from 1971 to 1994. A fundamental figure in anti-Francoism, the transition and democracy, he was a committed, coherent and courageous man.”

The PSOE has also lamented his loss through Twitter. “Today Nicolás Redondo Urbieta has left us. A socialist and a man who dedicated his entire life to the fight for the rights of workers and citizens. All our affection to his family and friends. May the earth be light to you, comrade”, They have published.

The general secretary of the CCOO, Unai Sordo, has opined that with the disappearance of Nicolás Redondo, former general secretary of the UGT, “one of the most important personalities of democratic Spain dies.” Through social networks Sordo has indicated that Redondo was “a man who dedicated his life to the defense of workers”. After sending a hug to Redondo’s family and to UGT, he dedicated a few final farewell words to Redondo, wishing him that “the earth be easy for you, companion and countryman.”

The Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, tonight lamented the death of the former UGT Secretary General and highlighted his “life dedicated to the defense of working people, freedoms and democracy. Through Twitter, Díaz has written: “Goodbye to Nicolás Redondo. He leaves behind a life dedicated to the defense of working people, freedoms and democracy. He leaves an extraordinary trade unionist to whom this country will always be grateful. My condolences to the entire UGT family.”

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