March 24, 2023

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We collected something like a fashionable cosmetic bag: a pocket stain remover, a needle for removing lead, a water-repellent spray, a sponge and a few other useful things.

Snow, blizzard, sleet, mud we will survive somehow, but will our favorite things survive all this? We will tell you in detail how to care for coats, down jackets, cashmere, leather shoes and bags in the winter season.

It’s okay, spring is still far away, but you never know when the heat will come. Just in case, we keep our instructions in the safes on how to properly store outerwear for storage. What to do with winter shoes? How to pack warm clothes? What about knitwear?

January is sales season. We know from ourselves: seeing huge discounts, you can lose both your head and your sense of proportion. In order for the shopping euphoria to be productive, we recommend that you follow a few rules. The easiest thing to do is ask yourself if you would buy this item if it was not discounted. It is also useful to decide in advance how much you are willing to spend, and also “marinate” the desire to buy something until morning.

With luxury brand stores still closed, reselling looks like a healthy alternative. How to look for the right things and not run into a fake? With these questions, we turn to the founders of local resale projects.

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