Fanart shows the most provocative side of Himeno in Chainsaw Man.

Date: January 4, 2023 Time: 04:52:03

The Chainsaw Man shows us the most charming side of Himeno with this amazing fan art that reveals the most provocative side of the Devil Hunter waifu. So the character of the Chainsaw Man shows a new dimension with this original interpretation that you can’t miss below.

Twitter illustrator @ourboy83 brought Jimeno to life with the little-known face of the Chainsaw Man waifu, and of course, one couldn’t miss a can and a demon hunter’s cigarette without losing the distinctive right eyepatch and its dark greenish hue. hair. Here below you can check the results so you don’t miss these impressive Gimeno illustrations:

What do you think of this Jimeno fan art in Chainsaw Man?

There is no doubt that Chainsaw Man was one of the feats of the year in the anime world, because despite the fact that its first part only had 12 episodes, each of them had its own ending theme and video. Now you can see them all in one collection, because at the moment it’s too early to talk about the second part. In addition, you can already read the manga, including the second part, which is published weekly on the Manga Plus website.

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