March 25, 2023

Organizers of collective children’s recreation, preferably in the fresh air, will profitably help to achieve holidays, says Natalia Tolstykh, head of the Department of Developmental Social Psychology at the Faculty of Social Psychology of the Moscow State Psychological and Pedagogical University.

“If there is an adult who is ready to organize something with children in the yard or in some other place where it can be done, I am absolutely convinced that children will dream of participating in this,” Tolstykh said.

To make it easier for schoolchildren to adjust to the study regime after long vacations, parents should agree with the child that during the vacation he will get up early, “at least at half past nine,” Katerina Polivanova advised.

Maxim Kostenko, Director of the Department of General Education Management of the Ministry of Education of Russia, noted that “an intensive and well-organized educational process for a quarter or half a year will not at all allow children to forget everything they learned in a quarter.” . .”

“Holidays help children not only to relax, but also to gain strength, move physically, change the form of activity, from class-lesson, for example, to more active classes and more active motor activity,” he is sure.

According to Diana Mashkova, founder of the social and educational project ABC de la Familia, the most pleasant gifts are “some creative crafts or work done by children.”

Young children can draw and give drawings to their parents, older ones can arrange a video shoot with their participation, singing and music is also a good option. He also advised me to write a book for parents, for example, about how “mom and dad met, got married, and get married.”

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