March 25, 2023

Riga. Parade of supporters of the Waffen SS legionnaires in the city center. Photo: Kristina Kormilitsyna/TASS

Every year on March 16, admirers of the Latvian SS perform their processions in Riga. You could say marches, but they fall short on marches. Several Latvian SS legionnaires who have not yet directly died, their relatives in the next generations, and the new Latvian Nazis. Flags, SS paraphernalia, awards – all this is prohibited in today’s Latvia, but in a wandering procession they are not hidden at all, they stick out, they are proud of them.

And this year was no exception for such a procession, although it turned out to be not numerous. On the other hand, support for the Latvian Nazis was provided by the Ukrainians, who graze here as refugees and could not miss such an anti-Russian demonstration and leaned on it with their purulent blue rags. In addition, according to the rumors that circulate in this environment, in the end the participants from among the refugees promised to have tea with some snack. Usually such processions, both in Estonia and in Latvia, cause, albeit very slowly, but still condemnation from some EU countries, but this year nothing that is directed against Russia can not only be scolded, but even hurt. for the slightest comment.

It was on this day in 1944 that the Latvian SS legion took the first battle against the Red Army, in which they suffered a crushing defeat and were defeated. And before that, the legionnaires of the Waffen SS legion created in 1943 burned 439 towns and villages on the territory of Belarus bordering Latvia, killed 14 thousand people and robbed Germany of another 7 thousand.

The procession was guarded, as usual in democratic countries, by the police. It is noteworthy that last year the society “Latvian Anti-Nazi Committee” requested to hold an event in Riga against the justification of the crimes of the Waffen SS, but the Riga City Council forbade it. It is clear that this year even the submission of such a request would clearly be equated with an offense against the state.

Although some protesters were found. A middle-aged lady pinned a yellow six-pointed “Star of David” to her jacket, which the Nazis forced Jews to wear and became a mute rebuke to the Nazi protesters.

And on the windows of the apartment of 56-year-old Elena Kreile, local Latvian journalists saw the Russian and Latvian flags, as well as the banners “Putin is my friend” and “God protect Latvia.” Vigilant Latvian correspondents immediately reported the woman to the police, and the police who came on duty immediately arrested her. A criminal case was immediately initiated against the woman under the article “Justification of war crimes”.

Another protester was Andrey Pagor, a deputy of the Jelgava City Council of the Russian Union of Latvia, who came out with a banner condemning the Latvian SS legionnaires and revealing the truth about their crimes.

– Latvian Waffen SS legionnaires swore allegiance to Adolf Hitler! The Latvian Legion division near the village of Zleki in Kurzeme destroyed 160 Latvians, he wrote on the poster. And the police did not know for a long time what to do with him. In the end, he was arrested for considering the text of the poster a provocation against the march on the day of memory of the legionnaires of the SS. They held him in the police station for a long time, and then released him, promising that they would send him an arrest report later, after they thought and formulated what specific crime he had committed and what was his fault. That is, they are already openly pulling an offense out of thin air.

But here the Riga police treat real hooligans with reverence and tenderness. On the day of memory of the Latvian SS legionnaires, the local Nazis did not ignore the monument to Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. First, a group of young people, under mocking comments that they were cleaning Riga from the garbage, put the flowers from the monument to the poet in a garbage bag, and a few hours later – the bastard scum, an outstanding “fighter against everything Russian” . Marcis Kulis posted a photo of the same monument with a garbage bag over its head.

– A LOAD OF 200 to the trash of this curly-haired Kremlin freak, – the bastard signed the photo. Just a few days ago, the mayor’s office of the Latvian capital announced plans to demolish this monument, which, by the way, was not installed in Soviet times at all, but in ours, in August 2009.

But in one thing the Riga authorities are certainly right. A monument to Pushkin and Nazi SS legionnaires in the same city are incompatible, like genius and villainy. And in Latvia, obviously, no genius was elected.

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