March 23, 2023

Date: March 17, 2023 Time: 23:09:40

The trading house Eksmo (part of the publishing house of the same name) began to sell the autobiography of the British Prince Harry “Spare” (translated from English – “Spare”) in the original language. Vedomosti writes about it.

“Spare” can now be purchased from Wildberries and Ozon. Its price varies from 4,000 to 4,400 rubles. At Ozon, Harry’s memoirs are also presented by British Goods (4,700 rubles) and the book distributor Logosphere (2,900 rubles).

According to Yevgeny Kapyev, general director of the Eksmo publishing house, 100 copies of the memoir were purchased from a wholesale distributor in the country where the book was officially published in English. In this case, a license agreement is not required.

According to a similar scheme, according to Kapiev, they plan to distribute foreign bestsellers, which they do not plan to publish in Russia yet.

Let’s remember that in the month of its release, Prince Harry’s autobiography became the best-selling nonfiction book in the country. The product went on sale in the UK on January 10. On the first day of sales alone, 400 thousand copies were purchased.

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