Eight chapters of a feature film about the group “Korol i Shut” will be shown at the online cinema “Kinopoisk” KXan 36 Daily News

The work lasted about five months – in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad region, Vyborg and at the final stage – again in the hometown of the protagonist of the biopic Mikhail Gorshka Gorshenev. This year marks 10 years since his death, and the film “The King and the Jester” is, of course, dedicated to his memory. This is a true story, because the script was approved by the widow of the musician Olga Gorsheneva and her friend, co-writer and bandmate Andrei “Knyaz” Knyazev.

In the film directed by Rustam Mosafir, the songs from “The King and the Jester” will sound in the original versions. Although professional actors starred in it: Konstantin Plotnikov, known for the Vertinsky TV series and the social drama about the bedroom of the 80s, was approved for the role of Micah (as friends called the musician in everyday life); and Andrei Knyazev was played by Vlal Konoplev (“Trap for the Judge”, “My Big Secret”).

And Olga Gorsheneva will be played by Daria Melnikova, known for the series “Daddy’s Daughters”, “Major Sokolov’s Getters” and the main roles in the sensational films “Lie the truth to me” and “Steel Butterfly”. Alexander Adabashyan will also appear on the screen …

Therefore, everything suggests that the film will be of interest not only to fans of Russian rock!

In short, “King and Shut” is the story of one of the most famous national rock bands. With all its adventures, difficult relationships in the team, adventures and tours.

From the first acquaintance in the late 80s (although later three musicians of the “golden composition” studied in the same class: Gorshenev, Balunov and Shchigolev) to the appearance of the name “King and the Jester” (it was invented in practice in the Hermitage restoration workshop) … And, of course, to a full house at the 30,000th “Olympic” on December 18, 2003 and the death of Mikhail Gorshenev in 2013, a week after another success – at the “Invasion” festival.

Direct speech

Andrey Knyazev, musician of “Korol i Jester”, now the leader of the group “KnyaZz”:

– At the development stage of the series, I met with the screenwriter Dmitry Lemeshev, told him stories about the group, our traditions, jokes. Then, when the script was already written, we read each scene and corrected it together with the authors.

In my opinion, Kostya Plotnikov and Vlad Konoplev did a good job of getting into the essence of their characters.

We talked with Vlad, I told him what he would not have learned from the script. And after our meeting, he understood everything, he immediately became great at everything. Bones, I was amazed at the casting stage, he managed to notice such subtle moments in the Pot that only close friends could see.

Some of my acquaintances participated in the extras and later wrote me that they seemed to see Pot again…

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