Dragon Ball Super: Toyotaro teaches you how to draw teenage Trunks and Goten in a great video

Date: January 12, 2023 Time: 04:02:58

Teacher Toyotaro once again demonstrates his talent as an artist in a new video in which the person responsible for bringing the pages of the Dragon Ball Super manga to life teaches us how to draw teenagers Trunks and Goten as they appear in Superhero. Arc.

The new arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga has made a lot of talk despite only releasing one chapter, as in this new stage of Akira Toriyama’s work that we remember, he is illustrated by Toyotaro, now Tanks and Goten are the main characters. In this adventure just beginning, the young Saiyans are no longer as small as we remember them from the anime, but are already teenagers, just like we saw them in Dragon Ball: Superhero.

This means that although they are essentially the same characters, their design has changed significantly, which is why Toyotaro decided to show how he illustrates these new versions of Bulma and Milk’s children.

This takes place on the official Dragon Ball page, where we can see the mangaka draw Goten and Trunks from scratch and freehand in Saiyaman 1 and 2 costumes, further demonstrating his amazing talent as an artist or cartoonist.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the importance of Toyotaro to the Dragon Ball manga as we remember that after Akira Toriyama’s retirement from Dragon Ball Z at least as an illustrator due to health related issues, he stepped in to continue the legacy . who he was, first as his inspiration, then as a teacher and collaborator.

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