March 26, 2023

The agreement is for two years. It is reported that the Portuguese salary will be 90 million euros a year, but with bonuses it can reach 200 million euros a year.

Football agent Dmitry Selyuk explains why Ronaldo did this and how he disappointed even his fans with this transition.

– Now many TV channels have shown an interview with Ronaldo in 2015, where he says that he will never go to play in Qatar or any other country in the Middle East. And this is what we see. Pure balabol.

– At least he went to America…

– Yes, there is still a strong championship, many famous football players play there. Or, like Beckham, he would have bought a club. And so, he even disappointed his ardent supporters.

Why did you sign this contract?

– Due to his huge ego, no one wants to do business with Ronaldo. He always puts himself above the interests of any club. I think Cristiano was so disappointed with Messi’s World Cup victory that he decided to stand out at least with a huge salary.

– In Saudi Arabia, you still need to get used to the local way of life.

– It is very difficult. Ronaldo loves to be photographed in shorts. In Saudi Arabia, this way of dressing is not accepted. I know everything first hand, my footballer Leonardo used to play there. He moved to Saudi Arabia from Partizan, where he became the Serbian champion, and Nikolic later coached Partizan. Leonardo moved to Al-Ahly, the team was coached by Sergei Rebrov, they became champions this year.

Leonardo and I talk a lot, I mean you have to get used to the local order, local culture and you have to strictly follow all the rules. You don’t look half naked there.

– Ronaldo said he wants to play in the 2026 World Cup. Is he kidding?

– Keep competing with Messi. He wants to bypass him in participation in the World Cup and generally set a record. I fully admit that the Portuguese Federation will include him in the composition. But he will not get ahead of Messi: Leo will also play in the next World Cup.

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