March 26, 2023

The singer Larisa Dolina

Photo: Julia PYKHALOVA

Larisa Dolina’s vacation in the Maldives turned into a real nightmare. The 67-year-old singer has been chastised by spiteful critics for innocently dancing with her granddaughter. A lively retiree put on a very short skirt, showing herself in all her splendor. However, followers literally attacked Larisa Alexandrovna. She had to besiege the envious hard.

Larisa Dolina spends New Year’s holidays in the Maldives with her daughter Angelina Mionchinskaya and her granddaughter Sashenka. A spectacular artist flaunts in front of the people in daring outfits. However, the interpreter’s fans were skeptical about her desire to demonstrate the dignity of the figure: “What a shame to pose in a short skirt! What a shame!”

And for the dance near the Christmas tree with her granddaughter, they completely shot down a wave of criticism about the pop star. They accused Valle of not dressing for her age, criticized her way of moving, and called her “old.” “Oh, look, I put on glasses, I covered my eyes without shame”, “The skirt is shorter than my granddaughter”, “At 67 it’s time to hide your knees, and not show shame”.

As a result, the singer responded to spiteful criticism. She said that she had not yet sung the title song for her.

The actress clarified that she tried on dark glasses to look elegant, and not at all because she has something to be ashamed of. She also promised that she would not retire in the near future, as she still feels young and cheerful.

“Embarrassed? That I put on a short skirt? First, this is a beach, second, I have legs that can still be shown. Why should I be ashamed? Where have you seen the old lady, huh? Open your eyes or go away”. to the doctor to improve my eyesight! I look and feel like 35-40 a lot! I can’t wait for me to go! I’m still going to make your eyes water! Who are you to send me off to retire? snobs … I still did not sing the title song from her! “-Larisa Alexandrovna rebuked the people.

Valley said she was proud to be a grandmother. “Yes, I am a grandmother and I am proud of it! And I ask Sasha to call me a grandmother, although many are surprised. Why? “Those who constantly point out my age to me! Calm down, finally!” said the singer, as if cut off.


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