Diesel soars on Italian highways to 2.5 euros per liter

The price of fuel in Italy has become more expensive with that of the new year, after the end of the discount period approved by the Government last March and which was applied to the taxes charged on the sale of fuel in the country. As 2023 progresses, fuels are raising their prices. In this way, diesel has come to around 2.5 euros per liter in some Italians, according to the complaint from the largest Italian consumer association, Codacons, which has filed “complaints with 104 Italian prosecutors and the Finance Guard for to investigate the phenomenon.

Codacons has analyzed the prices communicated by the operators and has found that on the section of the A1 motorway between Rome and Milan, gasoline cost 2,392 per liter this Saturday and diesel, 2,479 euros. The increase has also been notable on the islands: in Vulcano, in the Aeolian Islands (southwest) diesel reached 2,349 euros per liter, while gasoline stood at 2,239 euros, while in La Maddalena (Sardinia), gasoline rose at 2,087 euros per liter, and diesel at 2,229 euros. In Ischia (central-west) a liter of gasoline cost 2,054 euros and diesel, 2,104 euros.

“Fuel prices seem to be out of control, and after the brake on the reduction of excise taxes (as of January 1) we are witnessing sharp rises in the price lists at pumps throughout the territory, whose magnitude does not seem at all justified by the evolution of oil prices”, said the president of Codacons, Carlo Rienzi.

“That is why we have filed a complaint with 104 prosecutors throughout Italy and with the Finance Guard, asking them to investigate the prices of gasoline and diesel to find out any speculation or unjustified price increases,” he explained.

The Assoutenti association has also denounced this price escalation. “Currently, our country, with an average of 1,891 euros per liter, ranks third in the EU for the highest price of diesel, only behind Sweden and Finland, while we rank fourth in the case of gasoline (1,827 euros per liter)”.

But “before the rise in excise duties, Italy ranked twelfth in Europe for diesel and tenth for gasoline. If only taxes are taken into account, Italy ranks first in diesel taxation, with no less than 0.958 euros of taxes for each liter of diesel”.

And the organizations also warn of the effect of this increase in fuel prices with an increase in transport costs that can reach 85%, which will influence the prices of the products for sale and also in numerous products.

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