March 25, 2023

Russian Su-27 pilots shot down an American drone by dousing an uninvited guest with kerosene.


Since Soviet times, our pilots have considered “aerobatics” to mock the humiliation of a presumptuous enemy – to urinate on him with fuel. True, such cases have existed for a long time, but now the young Russian fighters have shown that they have not forgotten how to put violators of the rules of conduct in their place. Moreover, without warning firing with gun tracers in front of its nose, without launching missiles at its tail, and even more so, without the “battering ram” invented by the Pentagon liar. There was a beautiful and humiliating schelban.

Knowing the capabilities of this shocking and expensive US spy drone, you can’t even go to granny, realizing that the MQ-9 was looking for both the deployment of the Black Sea Fleet and military bases in Crimea. Drone collected intelligence not only for the Pentagon, but, of course, for the sponsored kyiv, which promises a “deafening spring offensive.”

Photo: Dmitri ORLOV

The Russian slap in the face of the American provocateurs turned out to be remarkable: it was the first case in history when a combat drone was shot down, figuratively speaking, with “ten buckets of kerosene.” They are about 100 liters. And if we take into account that the wholesale price of such fuel today is on average 68 thousand rubles per ton, it turns out that our aces “for a penny” forced a winged spy (and it costs $ 54 million!) to commit suicide in the waters of the Black Sea. And this is yet another reason why the humiliated American provocateurs are outraged with fierce anger against Russia.

In addition, they have no guarantee that after lifting the wreckage of the MQ-9 from the bottom (which is what our Black Sea people are doing now with the help of deep-sea vehicles), the Russians will find out some secrets. technological. of the drone.

Sergei Shoigu, who called US Secretary of Defense Lloyd, warned his “colleague” that in the event of a repeat of such raids, the Russian side would again act “proportionately.” And soon it was heard from Washington: “We fly and we will fly! Nobody commands us.” Well, that is, they climb on a transformer box, on which there is a warning about high voltage: “Don’t climb on it, it will kill you!”. And it seems that the Americans, who received a resounding slap in the face, are looking for a reason for “satisfaction.” They launched a new Global Hawk drone into the airspace. However, this wide-eyed spy is already getting further away than the Reaper. Our air defense radars are carefully watching the scout. And the service link of the Su-27 is also ready …

Meanwhile, the Russians, admiring the combat work of our fighter pilots, raised a cry: collect each of them a million rubles in prizes “for the high professionalism shown in the interception of an American spy drone” . They say that much more has already been collected…

By the way, Shoigu has already submitted orders to reward our air aces. Perhaps soon we will know about the presidential decree. And we will see aces in the Kremlin, with high state awards in blue robes.

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