March 23, 2023

Anna Zavorotniuk. Photo: social networks.

Recently, the daughter of a seriously ill actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk returned to Moscow. The “My Beautiful Babysitter” star has been released from the clinic where she was undergoing treatment. Her daughter Anna from her flew to Russia to visit her mother.

Last year Zavorotnyuk Jr. moved to Dubai, where he spent the whole winter. On social networks, Anna admits that as soon as she returns to her homeland, she already wants to fly back to the Emirates, which has become her second home. The girl complains about the cold and the Russian winter. If she had the opportunity, the heiress to the star would fly to Russia only in the summer. But unfortunately, her family ties force her to come in less warm months, so the girl is forced to suffer in the harsh climate of Moscow.

In addition to the weather, Anna is also bothered by everyday problems. Returning from Dubai, Zavorotnyuk studied his utility bills and was horrified. Anna owns an apartment in the very center of Moscow and tries to pay utility bills on time. The actress’s heiress told subscribers that she decided to take a more rational approach to her spending and try to save money.

“I decided to give up the water because why the hell are we paying for it if I’m not here?” Anna wrote.

It turns out that they charge you for water according to a common meter, which in the end is much more expensive than an individual one.

“I decided now to be very careful with my expenses and my money. Manage them properly. Of course, this will not prevent me from buying endless things, clothes, jewelry and stuff. But at the same time, I think today we pay for water. So? But we pay in a fixed meter. I, as an adult, will now call some plumbers. They will come, they will put a normal meter on me, from which I myself will take readings and deal with all this bullshit, ”said the girl.

Anna calls Dubai “her city.” Photo: social networks.

Apparently, until now, Anna’s husband protected her from everyday problems and made decisions for her. Now, faced with real life, Zavorotnyuk decided to try to cope on her own.

Anna moved to Dubai for her husband: the chosen one was offered a job in the Emirates. The girl hides the identity of her life partner. According to her, her beloved does not want publicity, so he prefers not to appear on social networks.

Anna’s husband is also from Moscow. They met in the United States while studying in New York. The actress’s daughter studied administration at a local university, but she discontinued her studies when she learned of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk’s diagnosis.

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