Daily Mail readers criticized British authorities over plans to send Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine KXan 36 Daily News

Date: January 10, 2023 Time: 13:49:21

One user claimed that taxpayers have the right to participate in the distribution of their money. The latter was also outraged that all the money goes to help immigrants and finance wars, while there is “nothing” for its own citizens.

The third called for the available funds to be used to finance the health system. He urged making it “as good as it is for Sunak and his staff.”

“Then she would be the best in the world!” – emphasized the user.

The fourth supported, calling the British government “traitors”, and also called for the interests of British taxpayers to be taken into account before spending their money.

One of the commentators drew attention to the fact that the British government is acting on the orders of the United States. In his opinion, the British government is ready to send as many tanks and people as the United States requires.

“America says jump, Rishi will tell you how high to jump,” the user said.

He added that in the near future there will be thousands of “consultants” and “logistics staff” from the UK in Ukraine.

Another commentator concluded that the “puppet government” is funneling British taxpayers’ money to help Ukraine, knowing that the money will never come back. He drew attention to the fact that at the moment the country’s infrastructure is crumbling due to lack of financing.

“Thank you to a million conservative voters, please remember this the next time you get sick and need hospital treatment,” he concluded.

Earlier, Politico reported that the United States plans to transfer Sea Sparrow anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine. It is specified that they will become part of the global package of assistance to Eastern Europe for an amount of 3,800 million dollars.

In addition, the United States is putting pressure on Italy to continue supplying weapons to Ukraine, as the number of Italian air force cargo flights to the Polish base in Rzeszow has been drastically reduced since October.

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