March 24, 2023

Date: January 2, 2023 Time: 20:15:46

The supermarket chain Consume spends 9% of the salary of its entire workforce for workers starting from the payroll next February. The measure has been approved in order to improve the purchasing power of more than 19,000 employees. This increase will represent an investment of more than 32.9 million euros and will mean a minimum increase per social worker of more than 1,430 gross euros per year, reports the Valencian cooperative and collects Europa Press.

The agreed increase will be used on other concepts complementary to the salary, such as overtime, night hours outside of working hours or hours on holidays that are paid for double their value, among others. In addition to the salary, the working members receive the cooperative return that corresponds to them annually from the results, together with the interest for their mandatory contributions to the social capital.

In the last closed financial year, these two concepts accounted for a global amount of 38.3 million euros, a figure that would be equivalent to between one and two additional payments depending on seniority as a partner. Last year, he will consume nearly a thousand jobs until reaching a workforce of more than 19,000 people. In the last eight years, it has created around 7,800 stable, quality jobs in the autonomous communities where it is present.

The cooperative has renewed the Top Employers seal for the ninth consecutive year. This certification endorses the good ones in terms of human resources and validates their management in terms of personal practices, for their working conditions and the promotion of talent.

Consum increases the salary of its staff

At the same time, at the end of 2021, the supermarket chain is implementing the five-day work week throughout its network so that store staff can enjoy two days off a week, a measure that was already implemented for workers in the central logistics.

More than 3,000 employees have already enjoyed this new schedule, with the forecast of completing the extension of the reconciliation measure to 100% of the commercial network at the beginning of 2024. Consum highlights its commitment to reconciling work and family and promoting productivity and job satisfaction.

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