Christina Asmus rests in Dubai with her ex-husband and lover

Cristina Asmus.


The heiress of Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus Nastya turned nine on January 5. The girl celebrated the party in Dubai with her mother, aunt and cousin of hers. On an important day for her daughter, Christina published a tender congratulations on social networks.

“Happy birthday my universe. Today you are 9 years old. Every year there will be the same phrase: “God, how time flies!” I look at Nastya and do not believe. Independent, wise, sensitive, responsible, lover of giving. Nastya my … how I love your name! When someone introduces themselves as Nastya, my heart pounds. You are a very beautiful person! Proud to be your mom. Be happy, our treasure! -Asmus addressed his daughter on social media.

Garik Kharlamov congratulated his daughter on her birthday on social networks. Photo: social networks.

However, fans suspect that Garik Kharlamov also did not shy away from his daughter’s vacation and flew to Dubai to congratulate her. This thought of netizens was led by a message that he wrote for Nastya on her page. In his publication, the showman pointed out that he considers it strange to congratulate his daughter through social networks, so he will do it personally.

“The strange habit of writing congratulations to my daughter on social networks does not let me go. Well, since I wrote before, it’s strange not to write at the age of 9. Happy birthday Nastyukha! Happy ninth birthday my love! Be healthy, happy, smart and positive! Your father, Igor… although not, as if some priest signed it. Your dad, Garik! Damn, why sign at all? You already know who I am … and in general, I will tell you everything personally now. Everybody. I went to congratulate, ”the showman turned to his daughter.

The fans were delighted: they believe that whatever the relationship between the parents, they should definitely celebrate their daughter’s holidays together. “Garik means also in Dubai, he is great!”, “It turns out that Garik is also in Dubai, great”, “Are they together in Dubai? Class. For my daughter, this is the most important thing”, the followers write in the comments.

Christina and her daughter celebrated the New Year and the girl’s birthday in Dubai. Photo: social networks.

The piquantity of the situation is added to the fact that her boyfriend, actor Roman Evdokimov, also flew to Dubai with Christina. The lovers celebrated the New Year together. On his page, Roman shared a photo from Dubai. Christine’s reflection can be seen in the window behind him. It was from this photo that the fans guessed that the lovers were resting together. Christina and Roman have yet to announce their relationship, although they spend vacations together.

The actress will travel to the Emirates for the New Year holidays for the second year in a row. On New Year’s Eve, mother and daughter rode on a yacht and enjoyed colorful fireworks. At the same time, Asmus admitted that he did not want to leave Moscow, but he could not refuse his daughter.

The actress flew to the Emirates with her lover Roman Evdokimov. Photo: social networks.

“We are celebrating the New Year in Dubai for the second time in a row. It’s not what I wanted, of course, but my daughter drives me crazy. It was a beautiful, warm, cozy New Year in the company of those closest to us and surrounded by wonderful people. We rode a yacht, sang, danced and watched the fireworks from the most triumphant point in Dubai,” said Christina.

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