Chainsaw Man: Fanart introduces Tom Holland, Zendaya and other actors as anime characters

Date: January 3, 2023 Time: 03:43:39

One of the anime that made a splash in 2022 is Chainsaw Man, whose story has caught the attention of many fans of the industry, especially fans of the manga created and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto, and now they have imagined a possible live action.

The characters that appeared in what appears to be the series’ first season have become favorites of many such as Denji, Power, Aki and even Makima, so now the fan art shows who would be the perfect actor to play them.

Via Twitter user Awfulfanposters created some incredible fan art in which he showed some of the Hollywood actors as if they were characters from the Chainsaw Man anime, and it certainly seems like the cast has been carefully chosen.

Fans would love to see a live adaptation of this anime, so this illustrator would have the perfect cast, or so he thinks.

As you can see, this fan art seems to be an “official” poster that even allows you to see the premiere, the platform it will be released on, and even the director who will be in charge of this film, and Quentin Tarantino is pictured here.

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