Biden’s wife will undergo surgery

Date: January 5, 2023 Time: 16:04:21

Jill Biden.


The White House press service confirmed that US First Lady Jill Biden will undergo a “medical procedure to remove a small tumor under her right eye.”

A neoplasm of still unclear etiology was detected on the face of Biden’s wife during her routine examination to detect skin cancer.

“Exercising the utmost caution, the experts recommended removal,” said Kevin O’Connor, the presidential couple’s treating physician.

The protocol for the removal of this type of neoplasms includes a mandatory tissue biopsy for the possible detection of cancer cells in them. So far, nothing indicates that Jill Biden, 71, has skin cancer.

In the history of the White House, there was a case when, during such an assessment, a malignant neoplasm was discovered and successfully removed from the skin of the head of state. Skin cancer was diagnosed on Bill Clinton. A minimally invasive procedure was performed on his back.

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