March 23, 2023

Date: January 4, 2023 Time: 13:06:36

On New Year’s Eve alone, more than 100 people were arrested on the streets of the German capital for attacks on police officers, firefighters and doctors.


The New Year in Berlin was marked not only by massive fireworks, but also by many attacks on government officials, rescuers and doctors. According to experts, before the pandemic, the residents of the German capital did not have such a “tradition”.

German media claim that the joy of citizens caused by the abolition of coronavirus restrictions for the New Year holidays led to the fact that law enforcement officers recorded about 40 attacks on firefighters alone: ​​citizens attacked not only vehicles of the rescue service, but also ambushed them. luring them to remote locations with fake calls. Fire trucks were attacked with firecrackers, stones and makeshift rubbish thrown, and looting was also attempted. On the way, the policemen who tried to protect the rescuers also succeeded.

At least 15 firefighters and at least 18 police officers were injured in similar clashes.

There were also attacks on ambulances, but there are still no statistics on the victims of the violent citizens of the city.

“We have never seen such rampant violence and we cannot tolerate it,” said Sonia Kok, a spokeswoman for the German Interior Ministry.

The department noted that on New Year’s Eve alone on the streets of the German capital, more than 100 people were detained for attacks on police officers, firefighters and doctors.

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