Beckham’s son has signed a contract with Brentford in the Premier League. Rising star or unpromising kid?

There is always more pressure on the children of soccer stars, because they are expected to at least repeat the successes of their parents, but only a few manage to do so. Joe van der Sar, Enzo and Luca Zidane, Rivaldo Jr. and many others could not quickly approach the success of eminent fathers, but there are also reverse stories. High hopes were placed on David Beckham’s children, who had everything to build a great career, but by 2023, only one in three is still trying to reach the heights. And now the youngest of them has officially become a newcomer to Brentford from the Premier League. Where did he come from? Does he look like a father? What are the prospects?


Romeo Beckham, contrary to family tradition, became Arsenal’s only fan, which surprised even David Beckham, whose heart still belongs to Manchester United. In 2014, Romeo entered the Gunners’ academy, but it didn’t last a year before he put his football career on hold and preferred tennis instead. However, five years later, the 18-year-old Londoner wanted to return to big football.

Thus, Romeo got into the double for Inter Miami, which is owned by his father, and two years later he made his debut in professional soccer, playing a friendly match. And yet, Romeo has played in official matches so far only for the second team, for which he scored 2 goals and gave 10 assists in 20 games as a right midfielder.


In October 2022, Romeo went to Brentford to keep fit, since there was a break in the American championship, but the boy conquered the coaching staff so much that they signed a contract with Romeo until May 31, 2023, after which will have again to return to Miami.

At the moment, it is obvious that Romeo will not strengthen the Premier League side, but for now he will be content to play only in the double, but head coach Neil MacFarlane has already pointed out the 20-year-old’s prospects. and the technique, discipline and, of course, his aspects were also highlighted.

Romeo’s personal life also played an important role in the lease, as he is in a relationship with model and famous blogger Mia Regan, who lives in England. Previously, the couple announced their breakup due to distance and a complicated schedule, but at the end of 2022 the lovers were back together, even thanks to the footballer’s move.


David Beckham probably dreams of seeing his son in a Manchester United and England shirt, but frankly and objectively speaking, there aren’t many possibilities for that. David made his Premier League debut at 17, scored in the Champions League at 19 and played for England at 21, and his son Romeo, at the age of 20, had only managed the Brentford double, and even so not without the help of connections.

It’s silly to expect a big hit from a guy who’s taken a five-year break, so there’s the premise that Romeo won’t take hold in England, he’ll head back to the US, where he’ll live and play for his own pleasure. . His best is MLS, but even getting there will be difficult.

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