Attack on Titan: Cosplay Shows Mikasa Ackerman’s Workout Program

Date: January 12, 2023 Time: 03:40:40

Mikasa didn’t become the most powerful Attack on Titan waifu overnight, and now the cosplay done by mechicosplay (Instagram) shows a rare facet of Ms. Ackerman in the series.

Joining a recruiting corps dedicated to fighting the Titans, Mikasa devoted her free time to rigorous training in order to withstand the immense pressure. Combined with her impeccable use of 3D maneuver gear, they set her apart as the finest cadet of her generation.

Mechicosplay wanted to portray this facet of Ms. Ackerman in the same outfit she wears during training, consisting of a white top, baggy burgundy shorts, and a pair of black pulley gloves.

Mikasa first appeared in this outfit during a special episode (OVA) focusing on Jean Christine’s past. At the same time, mechicosplay did not forget to portray this peculiar character along with his cosplay (or does he see both characters as a perfect couple?).

What do you think of this Attack on Titan cosplay with Mikasa’s training program? Shingeki Season 3 is scheduled to premiere in 2023, but until then we’ll wait for more announcements about the “ultimate ending” of this story created by Hajime. Isayama.

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