March 25, 2023

But such ads are often a trap that scammers set up in search of money from gullible citizens.

The police announced that agents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chuvash Republic had arrested an organized group suspected of stealing money under the pretext of selling goods through Internet sites.

“In Pyatigorsk, officers of the criminal investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chuvash Republic detained four local residents,” the department clarified.

These people, according to the police, deceived buyers when they sold merchandise over the Internet. Fraudsters have already been taken from Pyatigorsk to Cheboksary.

The operatives told how the criminal scheme worked. On specially created sites on the Internet, scammers posted ads for the sale of branded dresses, women’s suits and other items of allegedly famous brands at a huge discount.

True, the order had to be paid for immediately. But, upon receiving the packages, the citizens found in them something completely different from what they expected.

There were cheap rags. People couldn’t get their money back, as the vendors’ phones were turned off.

The number of postal packages sent by the group to buyers across the country reportedly numbered in the thousands, police say. The exact number of victims is still being established.

During the raids, mobile phones, bank cards, USB sticks, documentation, personal computers and other elements “with probative value” were confiscated from the fraudsters.

A criminal case has already been initiated under the article on fraud.

– In relation to the alleged organizer, a 30-year-old citizen, a precautionary measure was opted for in the form of bail, in relation to the other defendants -in the form of a written commitment not to go out and good conduct-, said the official representative of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia Irina Volk.

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