March 23, 2023

Date: January 9, 2023 Time: 11:17:34

The announcement of the most affordable Tesla model may take place in early 2024 – this period, according to analysts, is the most optimal, since announcing the new product earlier will reduce sales of the main driver – the Tesla Model 3, which is currently The most economical electric car from the American company. If this happens, then it will not be profitable to increase the productivity of factories.

The probable debut date of the novelty is in early 2024, and the Tesla Model 2 will go into production only in 2025, approximately halfway through.

However, given the recent record-breaking situation in terms of Tesla’s capitalization and a decline in share value, any forecasts about future line development and production may prove untenable. Musk, obviously, it would be more profitable and more correct to focus on optimizing the activities of controlled companies, including Twitter (reserved in the Russian Federation).

As for Tesla, this year the company will continue to improve the supply of microchips and batteries, as well as increase Semi production and launch the Cybertruck pickup. Otherwise, among the leaders in the electric car segment, Tesla risks being left out, losing out to General Motors, Ford and Chinese brands that are actively developing a promising niche.

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